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    Makeup Cleaner Kit, Color Removal Cleaner Sponge, Silicone Glove and Makeup Sponge Blender, Perfect Partner for Your Traveling - Pack of 3

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    Makeup Cleaner Kit / Color Removal Cleaner Sponge / Silicone Glove

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    Five Advantages Of Products

    • ❤ Makeup Brush Cleaner Kit: Comes with a Color Removal Sponge, a Silicone Glove for Makeup Brush Cleaning and a Makeup Sponge
    • ❤ Magical Cleaning Method: No need to clean makeup brushes with water! You could clear the colors on the brush in 3 seconds only.
    • ❤ Switch Eyeshadow Colors with Ease: Even with high-pigment eyeshadows, you only need to swipe back and forth on the sponge a few times. The brush heads would be quickly and effectively cleaned and easily switched eyeshadow colors.
    • ❤ Perfect Makeup Brush Cleaner Kit: Quick cleaning for makeup brush with Color Removal Sponge, Deep Cleaning for makeup brush with Silicone Gloves.
    • ❤ Silicone Glove for Makeup Brush Cleaning: Protect your hands from getting wet when cleaning, which is much cleaner than cleaning by hand.

    Product Details

    Every girl has a beloved makeup brush, but there is only one for common use.
    Want to keep your makeup clean and beautiful, the brush must not be mixed with other colors.
    Are you sure your makeup brush is clean?
    Cleaning makeup brush with water?
    It needs long time to dry, but Party never waits for anyone.
    Clean with toilet paper or swipe on the towel?
    Not only damage your brush, but also waste your brush.
    Are you tired of keeping cleaning and washing the dirty brush? And changing it frequently?
    Don't worry. Just a piece of color remove sponge would help you out. No need to clean with water. 
    It allows you to use the same brush with different eye-shadow colors in 3 seconds.
    Save time and quickly done your perfect makeup!

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    This is Perfect Partner for Your Traveling.

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