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  • Some suggestions to share about COVID-19

    Release time: 2020-05-08 09:16:00  Hits: 41

    First of all, we need to improve our understanding of the virus, not to listen to rumors,to believe in science, to understand the epidemic situation, and to understand the spread of the virus and its prevention methods.Check official news frequently to improve the self-discipline of behavior.When you have a sufficient understanding of the virus, you need to enhance your protection awareness and protection ability in a timely manner, strictly require self-discipline, and reduce the chance of infection. Need to learn some emotional adjustment methods to reduce yours negative emotions.

    Do not go to areas where the disease is endemic.

    Do not go to crowded public places for activities, especially places with poor air mobility, such as public baths, hot springs, cinemas,theaters,Internet cafes,KTVs,shopping malls,stations,airports,docks,exhibition halls,etc.

    Do not touch, buy and eat wild animals (ie game), avoid going to the market that sells live animals (poultry, seafood, wild animals, etc.), poultry eggs should be fully cooked and eaten.

    Keep the room clean, open windows frequently, and ventilate frequently.

    The most important thing is not to forget to wear a mask when going out.

    As the global health community and the world come together to face the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to reach out and reassure you that we are open for business and are still processing your orders as usual.

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