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  • How to choose your best eyeliner brush?

    Release time: 2020-07-04 09:04:44  Hits: 19

    How to choose your best eyeliner brush?

    There are four main types of eyeliner brushes.Round eyeliner brushes are the best. When drawing eyeliners, the width and thickness of the the circular tip are the most suitable.

    1)Very thin brush head can draw very fine lines, but it is not easy to operate and easy to shake. Can be used for luquid eyeliner;

    2)The square brush head can draw smooth lines in parallel movement, but it cannot outline the end of the eye;

    3) The bristles at the front end of the round head are fine and thick in the middle, making it easy to draw lines of two widths. Suit to liquid eyeliner, paste

    4) Bevel brush head operation is smooth and easy to draw, but it is more difficult to control the shade of eyeliner color.

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